favorite posts of 2014

Happy (almost) new year! I thought I’d do a little round-up of favorite posts from this year but remembered that when I did my big blog-redo a few months ago, somehow I lost every.single.like on every.single.post. Sigh. Technology. A blessing and a curse. So rather than doing the most liked…I’m doing MY most liked! And if […]

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Book Club Discussion on Tues Nov 25th . ALL DAY! .

Have you been reading The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst for our Virtual Book Club? It’s SO good, isn’t it?! Even if you haven’t yet started, or you’re not far into it, don’t worry. Just read what you can…but PLEASE do still take part in our online discussion next Tues Nov 25th …we’ll be chatting ALL DAY! I’ve been […]

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motherhood: when things are sometimes rough

Yesterday was exhausting. And so was the day before. And um, if I’m honest…all my days have been lately. And it’s not just because we have six kids. You may not believe me but truly, I’ve gotten pretty used to that fact and it’s not all that big a deal anymore. They have their responsibilities and […]

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