adopting older kids + hilarious stories

We had a big downpour here in Denver a few weeks ago. It made me homesick for Seattle while playing in the chilly grey day with (another) cup of coffee warming my hands. Rain, shine, or snow, we walk to school. We’re kind of like the US Postal Service like that. Walking home from taking Laith […]

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real (faux looking) lashes

From time to time I have friends ask about my makeup routine…so I thought today I’d share with you my favorite lash trick! Have a little grace…my before photo is straight after waking up and taking a shower. But in the attempt of being real, there it is. Thank you Jesus for mascara and lipstick. And […]

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Scary Close (Book Club CHAT Day!)

Last fall I received an Advance Reader’s Copy of Scary Close while at a conference in Chicago. I kept putting off reading it though, because Donald Miller kept talking about how it was about finding true intimacy and how we’ll never feel loved until we drop the act. I didn’t really feel like that applied to […]

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A letter to Ben on our 9th Anniversary

I remember one singular thing about our pre-marital counseling. Our friend and pastor told us, “You can tell a woman is loved well, simply by looking into her eyes.” That’s always stayed with me and as I’ve met with girlfriends new and old, I sometimes look into their eyes and see it. More than anything […]

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the office redo I never showed you

I can’t believe we’ve just moved out of this house and I never showed you the After photos of my office redo. For that, I am so sorry! It really is/was a gorgeous room that inspired me to write and create and be myself. But first…a few before photos. Now I realize this is not […]

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