why I’ve not been blogging lately + something I’m proud of

How is it almost Fourth of July?! No seriously…how is that possible?! I don’t know if you’re like me, but though it’s so very fun having the kids all home for summer…I’m struggling to get anything done! But that has meant being a little inconsistent with blogging. It’s such a blessing to rest within a group […]

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last minute Father’s Day ideas

Need a couple last-minute ideas before Sunday? Me too!! (I made this one a few years back…there’s also a printable for Grandpa!) (how cute is this pillow case idea?!) (what dad wouldn’t smile as he plays with these decorated balls?!) (this free printable book is so adorable) (ok this one perhaps isn’t a last-minute project…but what dad wouldn’t […]

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Ladies who Lead + ChariTea

A month or two ago my sweet friend Brandi invited me to have lunch with an incredible group of women here in Colorado called, Ladies Who Lead. As I sat at lunch hearing their mission and stories, I thought “I should not have been invited, what am I even doing here?! This is so cool.” I […]

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An Evening to Nourish – June (table decor)

Last Thursday night was June’s Evening to Nourish! And ohhhhmygosh it was amazing. The theme (if you want to call it that) of the evening derived from finding this gorgeous wrapping paper over at Tiny Prints. And…get THIS…it’s editable. I realize the paper is supposed to say something like “with love, the Anderson Family“. Or “Happy […]

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Love, Skip, Jump (virtual) book club chat!

Admittedly, this was supposed to have been posted Friday. But I was traveling and had the hardest time with a wireless connection, so….as much as I try to plan things, sometimes they go awry. So…here we are, Monday June 1st!! Love, Skip, Jump was amazing. And when I say that, I actually mean A-MAZING!! I had a […]

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Anton’s Carnival Birthday Party

When this sweet eight year old was turning three…we planned a Carnival Bday Party (inspiration here). Not only did it rain, however. IT POURED. So this weekend, years later…we did a redo. And what did the forecast call for this weekend? Rain. Every day for the next week, in fact. But we hit our knees […]

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carnival birthday ideas

Anton’s birthday was admittedly back in April. I could tell you we’ve been waiting for the weather to warm up so we could have the party in our backyard…but truthfully, it’s just taken me this long to plan it. Been there? Yikes. Sometimes having six kids is just crazy. (source) No. It’s always crazy, haha. […]

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May (Virtual) Book Club Selection!

Ok listen. You must read this book. I mean you have to. I’m so excited to share it for our (virtual) book club selection for May!  It’s about a woman from California who owns a talent agency in LA (one of her closest friends is Candace Cameron’s mother. How fun is that?!). While hosting a party in her own […]

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balance amidst the busy

Hey friends! I’m over at Glow:Live as Light today. Here’s a little teaser of the post! xo As I sit at my desk in the kitchen, attempting to work, I watch through the window as our preschool-aged girls play in the backyard. In a gentle, rhythm-like cadence—almost hypnotizing—their dark little knees pump as they go […]

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