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March 2, 2015 . struggles with daily Quiet Time + Firstfruits

Before I was married and prior to having kids, I was great at doing my devotions. Living in Seattle, I would just grab my Bible and journal and head to one of my little spots in the city. Typically, I’d walk to my favorite coffee house or the charmingly quaint private garden built for the neighborhood to enjoy. Sometimes I’d even […]

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your calling, not theirs. (trusting God + our callings PART 2)

Earlier this week I posted in part 1 of this series how we were (supposedly) going to destroy our family as we responded to God’s calling upon our lives. We talked about what to do when no one supports your calling. And I left you with this reminder… /////////////////////////////////// So lets continue on with it, shall we?? […]

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celebrating the little things (part 1: tips & ideas)

I’m a firm believer in celebrating everything. Even the seemingly little or typical or mundane. A great grade on a test, a first good hit in baseball, learning to tie shoes by oneself, last day of preschool, or simply ‘cuz it’s Wednesday. Because God is good and He’s given us another day with these amazing […]

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the most surreal weekend

I know I’ve deviated from my usual posts on diy projects, recipes, devotionals, and such…and been a bit consumed with this past weekend’s BolderBoulder 10k. And you know what??? We won. But that was just a tiny part of our incredible weekend… For those of you who haven’t been following along with us lately, check out this […]

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randomness + fun

This has been an absolutely insane week. So I thought I’d give you a little peek into what’s been going on over our way and some randomly fun stuff, too! First of all…THANK YOU for all your support and sharing and voting for our video for BolderBOLDER! Voting goes until Sunday evening sometime so if […]

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