Uganda Workout? + a GIVEAWAY

I have met the most amazing people via social media. Truly. For example, my Instagram friend Michelle has founded her own spiritually minded workout gear, called Cross Training Couture. I know, that sounds a bit cheesy when I say it. Jesus and workout gear? But think again. Her clothes are the opposite of cheesy. Michelle’s […]

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april (free) lock screen memory verse…and mini Bible study

A few months ago I posted this photo on Instagram… No, I didn’t get a tattoo, though I do want one. I’d come across a big bundle of faux tattoos at our local craft store (on clearance!) that day and finding enough spare change in my purse, I brought the pack home. I’ve been wanting a wrist tattoo for […]

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adopting older kids + hilarious stories

We had a big downpour here in Denver a few weeks ago. It made me homesick for Seattle while playing in the chilly grey day with (another) cup of coffee warming my hands. Rain, shine, or snow, we walk to school. We’re kind of like the US Postal Service like that. Walking home from taking Laith […]

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real (faux looking) lashes

From time to time I have friends ask about my makeup routine…so I thought today I’d share with you my favorite lash trick! Have a little grace…my before photo is straight after waking up and taking a shower. But in the attempt of being real, there it is. Thank you Jesus for mascara and lipstick. And […]

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Scary Close (Book Club CHAT Day!)

Last fall I received an Advance Reader’s Copy of Scary Close while at a conference in Chicago. I kept putting off reading it though, because Donald Miller kept talking about how it was about finding true intimacy and how we’ll never feel loved until we drop the act. I didn’t really feel like that applied to […]

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struggles with daily Quiet Time + Firstfruits

Before I was married and prior to having kids, I was great at doing my devotions. Living in Seattle, I would just grab my Bible and journal and head to one of my little spots in the city. Typically, I’d walk to my favorite coffee house or the charmingly quaint private garden built for the neighborhood to enjoy. Sometimes I’d even […]

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