do you want to learn calligraphy?

When I was in jr high I had calligraphy class. Oh how I loved it…my handwriting was gorgeous. But enough time has passed now that I’ve forgotten most of it and my handwriting has gone from gorgeous & artistic to messy & hurried. I found this class the other day and am so excited about […]

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our week in instagram

Do you love instagram as much as I do? I think it’s so fun. I’m slightly addicted. Do you follow us? If not, find us at hugsandpunches. Imani has just started dance class. It might be the cutest thing ever. She’s super into it. Our weather here in Denver has been so weird. One day […]

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it’s not always peachy

For the most part everything is wonderful, fantastic. Cotton candy & carrousels. Tonight is one of those nights. This evening, just as I was settling in with a book & cozying into the couch, Ezekiel came down the stairs with his heart ripped out, telling me that Abreham is having a really hard time. So […]

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I leave tonight!

Wow, what a way to wake up this morning! I heard Ben typing away on his laptop around 2am, then still at 4am…then I felt a nudge and hug as I was groggily trying to figure out what was going on. “You’re going tonight”, he excitedly whispered in my ear. “WHAT??” I bolted up. “The […]

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traveling with anton {+ kid traveling tips}

We’ve had many questions about why we only brought Anton on the trip with us…and in all honesty, he’s the only one who wanted to go! He asked for months & months leading up to our trip to Ethiopia & Ben and I saved our pennies and prayed that flight prices would come down enough […]

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