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wrapping paper 101 + faq’s

Ok first of all…full disclosure: I got this from one of the blogs I follow {Going Home To Roost}. I thought it was so good that I wanted to share it with you! one of the joys of christmas (for me, anyways) is wrapping gifts with pretty paper and lots of bows. as soon as christmas morning […]

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for the love of polka dot

Whether you’re needing a little gift for someone or something for yourself, these are some of my absolute favorites! I use this washi tape on everything from the envelopes for our Christmas cards to hanging up a photo when I can’t find a thumbtack. The glassine sacks have also been used for tons of things, […]

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we’re REVISING the 4 gift rule this year {+ printable gift tags}

Ben and I have been mapping out what to get the Crazies {aka our kids} for Christmas and decided we needed to change things up a little. {as you know, for several years we’ve done the Four Gift Rule, I’ve also talked about it here} We decided that rather than giving them all “Something you Need”, we’d love […]

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polar express hot chocolate {recipe}

Have you watched the Polar Express yet this year? It’s one of our absolute favorites. Since it’s been so ridiculously cold {and snowy} these past few mornings, I thought it’d be fun for the kids to wake up to a hot, steaming cup of cocoa as they pad around in their jammies getting ready for […]

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healthy chicken noodle soup {crockpot}

Our weather here in Denver has finally {fiiiiiiinally} gotten cold. In fact, it’s gotten REALLY cold. So yesterday morning when I saw it was only 13 degrees outside {and snowy}, I decided it was the perfect day for a bowl of chicken noodle soup…in the crockpot {aka the best invention ever}. I was going off […]

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Lindsey Stirling {music video}

I love Pandora. I love it for so many reasons but one of them being I’m introduced to new {to me} artists all the time. One that I’ve found recently is Lindsey Stirling, a crazy cute mid-20′s violinist who’s a hip hop violinist. A whaaat? I know, right? Love it. As an American violinist, classically trained dancer, performance […]

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imani’s room

Imani’s bedroom is my favorite room in the entire house. It is bright & cheerful and full of vintage pieces with pops of color mixed with loads of straight lines. It’s the kind of room that makes you happy the moment you walk in. Back when we lived in San Antonio several years ago, we […]

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