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the most surreal weekend

I know I’ve deviated from my usual posts on diy projects, recipes, devotionals, and such…and been a bit consumed with this past weekend’s BolderBoulder 10k. And you know what??? We won. But that was just a tiny part of our incredible weekend… For those of you who haven’t been following along with us lately, check out this […]

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I leave tonight!

Wow, what a way to wake up this morning! I heard Ben typing away on his laptop around 2am, then still at 4am…then I felt a nudge and hug as I was groggily trying to figure out what was going on. “You’re going tonight”, he excitedly whispered in my ear. “WHAT??” I bolted up. “The […]

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meeting abreham

{note} during the adoption process, we’d been given MANY spellings to Abreham’s name. At the time, above is how it was on all the paperwork. So though it’s now officially ‘Abreham’…I kept the above title. And no, I didn’t misspell my son’s name ; ) This was THE most exciting morning! Aberhem was waiting for […]

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our adoption auction

. We leave on June 20th and can hardly sleep we’re so excited!! We are REALLY close to our fundraising goal but still have a ways to go. My sweet cousin Katherine offered to take lead on an Auction in our honor. I’d be HONORED if you’d check it out and since new auction items will be […]

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Letter from Aberhem

We got a letter from Ethiopia today! {if you’re confused by the spelling of his name, so are we! every time we get something, his name is spelled differently} {translated by the director of his orphanage} “Hello! Hi how are you my brother Temesgen {Ezekiel}? I am very fine. I miss you for a long […]

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melkam gena

Melkam Gena! Our Christmas celebration may have been weeks ago…but Ethiopia celebrates it in January because they go by the Julian Calendar. Do you remember my post from last year? We had such fun with the amazing Ethiopian community we’re blessed to be part of. And this year may have been even more fun. Here […]

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our big {{BIG}} news!!!

What do you do when God tells you to do something that takes you completely and totally out of your comfort zone? Ignore Him? …or have faith & trust. We have chosen the latter. This is Aberhem, our son. Well, it’s Ezekiel’s rendering of him since we’re not yet allowed to show you photos {cute, […]

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A Different Kind of Mothers Day

Mothers Day looks a little different when you have kids that didn’t come from your tummy. It’s interesting how few people recognize that. Even the pastor at church on Sunday simply recognized those who had mothers alive…and those whose who’d passed away. That makes it seem so clean and simple, doesn’t it? But what about […]

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Melkam Genna | Ethiopian Christmas

MELKAM GENNA | MERRY CHRISTMAS In Ethiopia, Christmas is on January 7th because they follow the ancient Julian Calendar.  We were privileged to spend the evening at Denver’s Ethiopian Church in Celebration of Jesus’ Birthday. Ezekiel loved teaching us new traditions and games & Ben and I really enjoyed the food, haha. This game is called Kililibosh & is […]

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Journal Entry – Ethiopia {meeting Imani} November 1, 2010

Dear Imani, “She is yours.” That is what the Judge told us about a half hour ago! Imani Anderson, you are ours. I only wish we got to bring you home this trip. Meeting you yesterday was completely surreal. There was a bit of miscommunication so we only got to meet you for about 10 […]

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