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melkam gena

Melkam Gena! Our Christmas celebration may have been weeks ago…but Ethiopia celebrates it in January because they go by the Julian Calendar. Do you remember my post from last year? We had such fun with the amazing Ethiopian community we’re blessed to be part of. And this year may have been even more fun. Here […]

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Ice Hockey – Anton & Laith

Soccer season is over {although supposedly they’re going to make up a game when the snow melts} and we decided to put Anton & Laith into Ice Hockey this winter! Ezekiel had no desire to do it, so since he lives, eats, breathes, soccer…we’ll probably get him into some indoor clinics. Anyway both Anton & […]

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Ezekiel’s Pumpkin Art Project

I just had to post this because it’s just too darn cute & creative. Good job Mrs. Lawver {his teacher just got married last weekend…makes me smile typing her new name} for coming up with such a fun project! {look closely at this list before checking out the pumpkin below} {I realize I’m Ezekiel’s mom […]

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Ezekiel’s Teeth!

What an exciting and big day today is! Ezekiel and Ben left for the hospital about 6:30am for E’s Oral Surgery! Six years of not owning a toothbrush has obviously left some damage on our sweet boy’s teeth. He gets extreme headaches {possibly migraines} sometimes and has massive tooth aches because some are broken and […]

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