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March 2, 2015 . struggles with daily Quiet Time + Firstfruits

Before I was married and prior to having kids, I was great at doing my devotions. Living in Seattle, I would just grab my Bible and journal and head to one of my little spots in the city. Typically, I’d walk to my favorite coffee house or the charmingly quaint private garden built for the neighborhood to enjoy. Sometimes I’d even […]

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favorite posts of 2014

Happy (almost) new year! I thought I’d do a little round-up of favorite posts from this year but remembered that when I did my big blog-redo a few months ago, somehow I lost every.single.like on every.single.post. Sigh. Technology. A blessing and a curse. So rather than doing the most liked…I’m doing MY most liked! And if […]

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how to be a safe place for your kids to make mistakes

Last night I made a mistake…the kind of mistake where I’m still shaking my head thinking, “how could I have been that dumb?!” It rained most the day yesterday. It was one of those grey, stormy autumn Sundays where you stay inside, enjoying the warmth and coziness with a big cup of cocoa. The kind where […]

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