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Gluten Free Blueberry Crisp (from Shauna Niequist’s book Bread & Wine)

I’ve mentioned before how much I l-o-v-e LOVE this book. At the end of many of the beautifully written chapters, Shauna lists a recipe mentioned within the pages you have just read. Which is brilliant really, because she makes everything sound so delectable, had she not included them…I think I would have been a bit sad. […]

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celebrating the little things (part 1: tips & ideas)

I’m a firm believer in celebrating everything. Even the seemingly little or typical or mundane. A great grade on a test, a first good hit in baseball, learning to tie shoes by oneself, last day of preschool, or simply ‘cuz it’s Wednesday. Because God is good and He’s given us another day with these amazing […]

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polar express hot chocolate {recipe}

Have you watched the Polar Express yet this year? It’s one of our absolute favorites. Since it’s been so ridiculously cold {and snowy} these past few mornings, I thought it’d be fun for the kids to wake up to a hot, steaming cup of cocoa as they pad around in their jammies getting ready for […]

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parmesan baked french beans

The other day, I posted the recipe for our family’s favorite salmon recipe. I had several questions about the french bean recipe, so I thought I’d let you know how I made them! I’m sorry to say that this isn’t technically a “recipe” though…it’s one of those things where I just eyeball it and toss […]

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our favorite salmon recipe {ever}

Maybe it’s because I’m from the Pacific Northwest {Seattle to be exact}, but I could eat salmon every night of the week. This one is my absolute favorite…and Ben’s…and the kids’. Combine lemon juice, olive oil {I use avocado oil}, dijon mustard {I use beer mustard}, garlic, cayenne pepper, dried basil, dried dill, and capers […]

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the perfect sunny day drink

We have finally been having some beautifully warm days here in Denver and with that, my family has spent lots of time outdoors riding bikes, playing at the park, and so much more. So…perhaps I made myself a cocktail to sip as we enjoy the sunshine. {it can also be made as a mocktail} I’ve […]

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salad in a jar

I had so many questions and comments from this photo I posted on Facebook & Instagram recently… so I decided I should post about it. For a few months, Ben has been asking me to make him a “salad in a jar” to take to work. Something about a lady he works with makes them […]

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chocolate peanut butter protein balls {recipe}

Are you like me in that you’re always looking for healthy snacks? …for yourself AND your kids? I’m excited about this one because not only do my kids love all the ingredients, but it’s SUPER easy to make. Honey, quick oats, peanut butter, and chocolate protein powder. That’s it. Ben & I work out a […]

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a busy mom’s guide to: meal planning .and. august’s giveaway winner!

First things first…lets reveal the August Giveaway Winner! It’s been so fun reading everyone’s favorite things to bake, thanks to everyone who entered. My friend Jessica said next time, I need to ask everyone to post the RECIPES to these yummy sounding treats. And I heartily agree! And the WINNER is… Jennifer Jordan! Sweet Jennifer, […]

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crockpot cashew chicken {recipe}

Confession: I’ve become so good about doing a dinner menu for the entire month but we were home so few evenings this summer, that my menu planning kind of fell to the wayside. {so here’s me trying to get back on the horse} I love my crockpot. I just do. I can make dinner in […]

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Health{ier} Chocolate Cake {recipe}

I’m always on the hunt for healthy…or healthier treats for our family. I found this one on Hungry Girl‘s Blog and I’m LOVING it! There are literally 3 ingredients. Greek yogurt {which we always have in the fridge anyway}, devil’s food cake mix, and water. Imani was the lucky helper this time since the boys were […]

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Vegetarian Pho {recipe}

We have now entered the extreme craziness of spring season and Anton & Ezekiel are both playing two sports…therefore we are n.e.v.e.r. home. …probably doesn’t help that we’re also remodeling a house… Now more than ever, I need quick and easy dinner solutions. My crock pot is my best friend, but I tell myself I […]

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Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Muffins {recipe}

A few weeks ago was Anton’s “Beary Special Week” at Preschool. This is the exciting week where he got to make a Poster telling all about himself, I come in to read his favorite book {an anatomy book given to him by our sweet friend – & my obgyn, after asking her m.a.n.y body ?’s} […]

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Ethel’s Sugar Cookies {recipe}

Tonight I phoned my mom asked who Ethel is. I’ve made this recipe for years & have never thought to ask ’till now. My grandfather used to deliver bread to some burger joint in the 60’s and Ethel flipped the burgers. My grandpa {we call him Cookie} is a jovial guy, always telling jokes and […]

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Plum Cake {recipe}

Recently, we bought a big bowl of beautiful {huge} plums. I’m not a big fan of them generally, but we’re tying to branch out and have more than just bananas, apples & blueberries all the time. Since we were all skeptics and they were not getting eaten though, Anton & I decided to get on Pinterest to […]

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