the beginning of our happily ever after

Today is Ben & my seven year anniversary

…with no itch in sight…

Gendron Wedding #1 290

After dropping the kids off at school this morning and beginning my super-long list of to-dos, I wanted to look at wedding photos and reminisce.

Sigh…what an incredible day that was.

Mind if I share some with you?

Gendron Wedding #3 130

Who’d have thought we’d do so much in the next seven years though.

As Ben reminded me this morning:

“In seven years, we have lived in three states, seven houses (built two & remodeled two), had two biological children, adopted two children from Ethiopia…with one more on his way.”

Wow. Makes me tired thinking about it.

. . . . . . . .

Gendron Wedding #1 135

The ceremony was at 7 pm so we had all day to get ready. I even worked out that morning and got my ring cleaned.

Gendron Wedding #1 192

The folks at my gym thought I was crazy as I leisurely strolled in.

. . . . . . . .

Gendron Wedding #3 183

Our precious programs. One of my favorite details from our wedding.

More like a book loving those important to us. My labor of love for them.

Gendron Wedding #4 185

Rather than bouquets, my bridesmaids carried candles adorned with feathers, satin ribbon, flowers, and crystal.

Gendron Wedding #4 007

I wanted a winter wedding and Ben proposed October 1st so I chose the latest date possible without Spring yet coming to Seattle…the very end of February.

{and yes, you can plan the wedding of your dreams in 4 months}

Gendron Wedding #4 014

Everything was candle lit. Not great for photography…but amazing for the day of.

Gendron Wedding #4 212

In the middle of the wedding, I burst out laughing as I saw my girls trying so hard not to draw attention to themselves as wax dripped down their hands.

Sorry, ladies. Guess the florist didn’t think about that part.

Gendron Wedding #4 045

Daddy walked me down the isle to my friend singing Jewel’s version of Ave Maria.

Gendron Wedding #4 274

I so love this photo.

Gendron Wedding #4 065

Ben and I talked through the entire ceremony. Our pastor {and friend} scolded us several times for it.

I always wondered what the bride & groom talked about up there. Now I know.

Gendron Wedding #4 112

After the ceremony, we walked to the Prayer Room and prayed together {and Ben washed my feet}.

. . . . . . . .

Gendron Wedding #5 050

I think I’m the only bride in history that prayed for bad weather for their wedding day. That whole week it was bright and beautiful and even warm. My winter-wonderland wedding was going to look out of place with Spring quickly coming!

Luckily God heard my pleas and though the day was sunny, the evening was frigid.

Gendron Wedding #3 052

Quick touchup before greeting everyone.

Gendron Wedding #5 134

Another of my favorite photos ever {my mom & my dad’s mother}.

Gendron Wedding #3 149

My dad’s good friend drove us in his car. He even wore a chauffeur’s cap. Love that!

Gendron Wedding #3 191

I just love the little details of that day.

I silver leafed that “A” myself. It’s now on our bookcase above the tv.

Gendron Wedding #3 189

The cake was ice blue with white & silver detail.

Gendron Wedding #3 196

The rhinestones from my bouquet adorn our Christmas tree every year.

Gendron Wedding #3 186

Upon each table were feather and satin ribbon lined apothecary jars filled with sparkling rock-salt and birch branches with hanging tea lights.

Gendron Wedding #3 193

We had a dessert reception rather than dinner since the wedding was so late. We had anything you could possibly think of. Sundae bar, tons of cookies, petitfours, and more. Wish I had more photos.

Gendron Wedding #3 192

Gendron Wedding #4 265

We laughed so much that day!

Gendron Wedding #4 146

Until my baby brother got up for his speech.

Gendron Wedding #4 147

Me. The non-crier. Was a disaster.

Gendron Wedding #4 282

Gendron Wedding #5 003

We danced to the song that was playing when Ben 1st kissed me.

…afterward he apologized for that kiss and said he, “didn’t ever see us going anywhere.”

I love giving him a hard time for that.

Gendron Wedding #5 086

{Ben’s sweet mom}

Gendron Wedding #5 044

Many a night, my mom & girlfriends helped me punch little snowflakes to throw.

Hundreds…and hundreds of them.

{my hands hurt just thinking about it!}

Gendron Wedding #3 143

What an incredible first day of the rest of our lives. I read what a friend wrote on our photos the other day {they’re now above our bed}.


It said, “may today be the least happy of the rest of your lives.” I love the concept of that. And Benny, you sure have given me happiness. You love me very well.

. . . . . . . .

My sweet love, there’s no one on this planet that I’d rather go through this crazy life God has given us.

I love you.

Gendron Wedding #3 203

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  1. Heidi Mar 11th, 2013 at 9:54 pm #

    This was so fun to read…all the thought and detail…. You guys have definitely has a full 7 years. Thanks for sharing… Btw love the photo of you with your dad too. Breathtaking bride!

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